Erlebnis-Aufsatz zur LONDON-Reise
einer 4. Schulstufe eines Wiener GYMNASIUMS

geschrieben von Marlies Nittmann, Schülerin
Die Klasse reiste per FLUG nach London, war in GASTFAMILIEN untergebracht und besuchte vormittags ENGLISH LESSONS.

The 4 A visited LONDON

It was a great time for us! From 4th to 10th March we, the pupils of the 4 A, and their teachers stayed in London. Some of us were lucky and lived with very nice host-parents, some others stayed at families they didn´t like very much. But most of the day we were out. In the mornings we attended an English school, where we had to speak English a lot. In the afternoons we walked through the city and visited many interesting buildings such as St. Paul´s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Madame Tussaud´s and so on.

It was great fun for us to go by tube. During the rushhour it was rather difficult to stay together in the underground. Once it happened that parts of our group got lost and it took us some time to find each other.

We also enjoyed our trip to Greenwich. It was the only day it rained for some hours, but nevertheless it was very interesting there and we like it very much.

For all of us the days in London were fascinating, we practised speaking English more fluently and we also learned a lot about each other. We enjoyed London very much! Many thanks to our teachers! They did a great job!

Marlies Nittmann

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